JTSecurity Announces SentinelOne Partnership


By Matt Blackmore, on 4 Nov 2020

JTSecurity is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with SentinelOne to deliver unparalleled endpoint security to our customers. As the number of endpoints in today’s networks continues to expand, it’s more important than ever for organisations to implement strong endpoint protection solutions to mitigate risk and keep their essential systems secure. Thanks to our new relationship with SentinelOne, the JTSecurity team is now better equipped than ever before to help you implement and manage the endpoint protection platform your business needs.

“SentinelOne meets our testing criteria and rigorous requirements. We selected SentinelOne due to its efficacy, ease of management, and breadth of EDR capabilities. Additionally, our partnership helps address the growing head count shortage by giving organisations the resources they need to secure their operations” said Matt Blackmore, Co-Founder, CEO.

What is SentinelOne?

One of the cybersecurity industry’s leading solutions providers (and the fastest-growing company in Silicon Valley), SentinelOne delivers next-generation endpoint protection against a variety of threat vectors. By converging endpoint protection tools with endpoint detection and response, SentinelOne has created a more robust security solution that provides unmatched endpoint protection. Using a combination of static and behavioral AI engines, the company’s Singularity platform fuses the data, access, control, and integration planes of its various security solutions to provide a comprehensive view of an organisation’s network and assets.

SentinelOne provides excellent protection against known and unknown attacks to endpoints across the entire threat lifecycle. The recovery option provides a fast, first line of defense against ransomware and other system damaging attacks. SentinelOne also requires minimal administrative support, making it a very cost-effective and efficient solution. Their impressive snapshot technology is a unique feature in the industry, allowing the platform to identify potential risks that other endpoint protection tools would never catch.


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