Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Complete visibility of your digital world. Visualise and understand malicious or anomalous activity. Analyse, prioritise and respond to threats in rapid time. Safeguard your data, people and processes.


Powered by Real-Time Analytics & IBM QRadar


24/7 Incident Response Supported by Certified Analysts


Contain Threats via Incident Playbook & SOAR Platform


Detect Complex Threats with Advanced Correlation & Machine Learning


36% of Data Breaches Are Down to System Mishandling.

Rapidly identify and limit the impact of security threats and risks with 24/7 threat monitoring, detection and targeted response. Powered by real-time log analytics, security orchestration, automation & response tooling for investigation, threat hunting and response. Combine threat intelligence and human expertise for advanced analytics and contextualised events.

The Challenge

Security Incidents are inevitable. Which is why rapid response is critical to contain and investigate rogue activity post detection.

The Solution

Incident Management Response Playbooks, supported by IBM QRadar, IBM Resilient Platform and Certified Analysts, contain these threats. We provide the who, what, why and when of an event.

JTSecurity is a MSSP That Monitors Networks 24/7

Business Intelligence Analytics

  • Present Risks
  • Posture Issues
  • Pattern User Violation

Threat Response

  • 24/7 Threat Containment
  • Threat Triage
  • IBM Resilient Powered Orchestration Management

Incident Management & Analytics

  • 15 Minute Threat Response
  • Real-Time Dashboards
  • Ticketing & Customer Integration

Certified Analysts

  • Expert Analysts on Demand

SIEM Technology

  • Worlds Most Powerful SIEM
  • Customer User Access
  • Powered By IBM QRadar


  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports
  • Granular Statistical Graphing
  • Led By Senior Analysts

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Powered by Real-Time Log Analytics, with Security Orchestration Automation & Response Tooling, JTSecurity’s MDR Service Rapidly Identifies & Limits the Impact of Security Threats.

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