Vulnerability Management

New vulnerabilities emerge every day within networks, databases and web applications. These may occur due to software defects or misconfigurations of information systems. It is absolutely essential to protect your critical IT assets and safeguard your sensitive information by eliminating these opportunities for potential cyber adversaries.

JTSecurity’s Managed Vulnerability Scanning Service leverages Qualys Technology to perform highly accurate scan audits across Internal and External Network Devices, Servers, Web Applications, Databases, and other Assets in your On-Premises and Cloud Environments.


Identify Real, Exploitable Vulnerabilities


Satisfy Regulatory Compliance Requirements


Supplement Your Team With Dedicated Vulnerability Management Experts


Track Remediation Workflow Easily


Access Information Security Experts 24×7


Identify Security Threats And Reduce Risks.

Our vulnerability scanning service is provided on-demand. We provide world class vulnerability management without the hardware, software and maintenance requirements of the majority of scanning products. The Qualys vulnerability management technology is fully managed and maintained by our dedicated vulnerability management team. This eliminates the administration and maintenance burdens.

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Powerful, Effective Scanning.

The vulnerability scanning service that we offer will deliver the largest and most up to date knowledge base of vulnerability checks. Using internal and external scanners to accurately detect vulnerabilities across your network and supported cloud environments. Qualys modules provide the added value of:


Extends security across a client’s enterprise by collecting vulnerability data on each host even if the host is not connected to the network. Provides faster and more accurate scan results.


Constantly monitors a client’s perimeter, detecting changes in the network and providing alerts before they turn into breaches.


Automates the process of assessing server and application configuration compliance, which is useful for clients subject to compliance mandates (PCI, HIPAA).

Web Application

Automated, self-service vulnerability scanning of internal- and external-facing web-based applications.

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