Penetration Testing Services

JTSecurity offers consultant-led Penetration Testing services to provide a thorough and independent examination of your corporate infrastructure and systems to identify software and configuration critical infrastructure security vulnerabilities.


Fix vulnerabilities before they are exploited by cybercriminals


Provide independent assurance of security controls


Supply the insight needed to prioritise future security investments


Demonstrate continuous commitment to security


Critical Threats & Vulnerabilities Detected

We provide a multitude of penetration testing services. These include both internal and external penetration testing, application security testing and mobile application security assessment (android, apple and windows). Alongside these we also offer wireless network security assessment and cloud penetration testing

The Challenge

Interconnected networks of partners and clients’ remote offices, wireless LANs and the internet have created multiple avenues for attackers to infiltrate.

The Solution

Businesses need to proactively identify any security gaps that might be exploited by external or internal attacks. Utilising JTSecurity’s experts, testing is conducted in a controlled environment – without compromising business operations.

Expert Analysts

  • Industry best certifications.
  • Tailored approach provided by experts.

Real-world Testing

  • Based on industry leading standards and the latest attack techniques.
  • Embed a continuous governance model to ensure improvement.

Manual Testing Combined with Automated Tools

  • Automation of common security tests.
  • Followed by manual testing by our experienced security testing consultants.

Elevate Cyber Defence

  • Get the complete picture from our certified analysts.
  • Illuminate risks & incidents.
  • Receive recommended security posture enhancements.

Precise, Action-oriented & Flexible Reporting

  • Risk based and patch prioritised time.

Access to Skilled Consultants

  • Access to World-class Security Consultants.
  • Learn attacker Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) used in real work cyberattacks.

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