Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Significantly enhance the visibility of attacks targeting endpoint devices. We provide an experienced team of threat hunters, the latest EDR technology and up to the minute threat intelligence to identify threats that other controls can miss.


Forensic Analysis


Endpoint Protection


Full Scope of an
Attack Made Visible


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93% of Data Breaches Take Under a Minute to Compromise an Entire System.

Advanced Threats & Attacker Techniques will evade a Traditional Anti-Virus. Our Managed EDR service leverages the world’s best EDR tooling together with our Security Operations Centre Analytics to Detect Malicious Behaviour that would otherwise travel undetected.

The Challenge

Most Responses to cyber attacks are not fast. Or at least, not fast enough. Primarily because organisations rarely have the right systems, process, and experts in place, to monitor, action and respond to threats.

The Solution

With EDR, identify root causes and make blind spots instantly visible. With complete visibility, know your threats, understand how to prioritise and respond to them in rapid time.

JTSecurity is an MSSP That Monitors Networks 24/7

Instant Visibility

  • Complete Transparency
  • Present Risks
  • Take Immediate Action

Advanced Threat Hunting

  • Powered By Threat Intel
  • Correlate Attack Methods
  • Automated Watchlists

Machine Learning

  • Identify New Behaviour
  • View Anomalous Activity
  • Static & Behavioural AI

Certified Analysts

  • Expert Analysts on Demand

Incident Response

  • 15 Minute Response
  • Isolation of Infected Hosts
  • Secure Access

Fast Track Investigation

  • Prioritise Threats
  • Formulate Action Plans
  • Speed up Response

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Our Managed EDR Service Leverages the World’s Best EDR Tooling Together with our Security Operations Centre Analytics to Detect Malicious Behaviour

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