Managed Detection and Response Takes Security to the Next Level


By Matt Blackmore, on 17 Jun 2020

In the digital era, enterprises of all sizes must be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to cyber security.

We’ve all heard about digitization and what it means but its more about the amounts of data being housed in pretty much every place you can think of. Data today is housed everywhere, us as consumers are accessing data in a completely new way, the way we consume data, see data and take data and use data is very different. The way we do all of this, is always through the devices that we use, mobile phones, laptops, desktops and computers in general, that generates massive and massive amounts of data and it almost changes the way enterprises are actually storing this data.

What Is MDR?

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a managed cyber security service that provides intrusion detection of malware and malicious activity in your network, and assists in rapid incident response to eliminate those threats with succinct remediation actions. MDR typically combines a technology solution with outsourced security analysts that extend your technologies and team.

Why MDR Is A More Effective Cyber Security Service

MDR bridges the gap that many companies face between their organisation and the availability of skilled security support. With Managed Detection and Response, analysts sift through alerts to determine if they require action. When a response is required, they offer immediate support in resolving the issue and determining its source so that a threat of that type is less likely to occur again.

MDR also takes a proactive approach to threat detection, also called threat hunting, that helps organisation’s determine the overall state of their cyber security measures. Specialized analysts are able to research why or how a threat is occurring, resulting in a more comprehensive solution. This same skill set allows them to see beyond the individual incident and understand the greater need behind your network, server, and endpoint data protection.

What Are The Benefits of MDR?

Like any outsourced service, Managed Detection and Response services allow you to gain a team of experts at a price you can afford. For companies who don’t have the time or resources, this is especially useful. In addition, some of the tools used by these providers are too expensive to buy on your own and may not be easily found or readily available.

Not only will we detect and analyze threats, but also stop them. When a threat is detected, we will first verify if it is a real threat before informing you to take action to avoid the scare of false alarms. MDR can help your organisation deal with advanced attacks that even traditional managed security service providers might not be prepared for.


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